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Are you a Realtor looking for a land use expert to bridge the gap between a piece of property and achieving the highest valuation for your seller client or best deal for your buyer client? Our team of experts can help.

Why Consider Land Use Consultation Services

1. Maximized Property Value:
A land use consultant can identify and unlock hidden potential in a property, increasing its value and appeal to potential buyers.

2. Customized Strategy:
Consultants tailor a land use strategy to align with the future use of a property, by keeping up to date with City and District bylaws, master planning, and infrastructure. When we review a property, we are able to tell if there is additional value and why, or alternatively, if there is a way your clients can work toward a higher valuation based on the market and future use of the area.

3. Market Insights:
Consulting and working closely with Developers in the Okanagan every day allows us to offer expertise on current market trends and demands, helping realtors position properties, particularly land assemblies effectively.

4. Streamlined Processes:
Our firm handles regulatory complexities, permits, and zoning changes, expediting property readiness for sale. By doing a property analysis, and utilizing our experience with infrastructure and servicing, we are able to advise on the feasibility of a property having development potential which will allow you to market the property with a realistic idea of what a future use could be.

5. Added Value:
By verifying the development potential and enhancing a property’s value, consultants can justify higher prices, benefiting both realtors’ commissions and clients’ returns.

6. Smooth Transactions:
Well-prepared properties attract serious buyers and reduce transaction delays, ensuring smoother sales or purchases. With our feasibility study, conceptual site plan and cost analysis, you have a business case to pitch to a purchaser/ developer or investor, which will save that purchaser time, and effort and be able to make a well informed decision sooner.


  • Geared toward Realtors representing developers or investors, our firm will provide a land use analysis and review servicing, title and any covenants, provide a cost estimate of any applications and studies that may be required, based on client’s goals for the property, and conduct a cost estimate of planning and civil engineering works required;
  • Review of Development Permit
  • Partnering with a land use consultant when dealing with the sale of homes in a land assembly can help Realtors unlock the full potential of their clients’ properties, maximize value, navigate complex regulations, and ultimately provide superior service to their clients. By understanding the development potential of the assembly, you can have a realistic and accurate approach to pricing.
  • Land Use Analysis, Review of current zoning and future use, understanding the costs, and how to market to a developer, our firm has these skills and more to build a business plan to represent your clients property, and achieve the sale.
  • Creation of a conceptual site plan for the property, created to the most accurately chosen zoning, and future land use, analysis of servicing and other costs associated, along with a review of the FAR will allow you to provide a thorough package of information to any interested developer.
  • Rezoning applications
  • Site Planning
  • Development Permits and Development
  • Variance Permits
  • Subdivision and lot consolidation
  • Coordination of servicing and utility plans
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