For Municipalities

A specialized consultancy firm understands the intricacies of British Columbia's unique land use and zoning regulations. Local to the Okanagan, with experience working throughout the many regions of BC, our firm can assist Municipal or District Staff navigate the municipal approval and review processes while ensuring compliance.

Our firm’s expertise in BC Regulations includes, five years experience working as an Approving Officer at the City of Kelowna, one at the City of Campbell River, and one as the Village Engineer with the Village of Lumby, assisting multiple municipalities with development review and writing legislative guidelines and advising on Master Planned Communities.


  • Land use consultants assist in developing comprehensive land use plans that align with the City or District’s long-term goals, including urban development, zoning regulations, and environmental preservation
  • Consultants can help review and update zoning ordinances to ensure they are in line with current needs and regulations, promoting orderly growth and land utilization.
  • Our consultants have the experience and training to assist Planning Departments in evaluating proposed development projects and subdivisions, ensuring compliance with zoning laws and regulations, and assessing their impact on the community, infrastructure, and environment.
  • We have the experience and expertise to assist Development Engineering Departments in managing the entire application process from pre-application meetings, development reviews, circulation, consultation and coordination, approvals, issued-for-construction, security, notice to proceed, construction inspections, deficiency and final approvals.
  • They help revitalize urban areas, improving the quality of life for residents, attracting businesses, and increasing property values we have knowledge and expertise in facilitating carriage homes and secondary suites, infill subdivision, and/or consolidation and redevelopment to help achieve the highest and best use of every property.
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