Municipal Approvals –
In-House Application Processing

Our team brings over a decade of combined experience in municipal government, specializing in municipal engineering consulting services, including application management, file review, and drawing approvals/construction management. Our credentials as a previously trained Approving Officer, Development Engineering Manager, and Development Technician have allowed us to provide invaluable support to municipal staff in Kelowna, Lumby, and Campbell River.

Our proven expertise and hands-on experience make us the ideal partner to navigate the complex design and engineering approval and review processes in the municipal setting.

Proven Track Record

  • In Campbell River, we dedicated 18 months to serve as development engineering support, manager, and development technician, actively contributing to successful subdivision and detailed engineering review and approvals. Additionally, our team briefly held the role of the Approving Officer;
  • In Lumby, we worked as a trusted external consultant, serving as the Village Engineer for over 12 months;
  • Notably, two members of our team have previously worked within the City of Kelowna, holding positions as Development Engineering Manager and Development Technician. In these roles, we played a pivotal part in supporting subdivision and detailed engineering review and approvals, and once again, briefly acted as the Approving Officer.
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