South Okanagan Residential Development –

Aspen Lands Advisory is the consultant for a Development Group proposing a multi-phase residential development in a community south of Kelowna.

Initial Assessment and Master Planning

  • Conducted an initial assessment of the residential development project in a community south of Kelowna.
  • Engaged in a master planning exercise with the developer for future residential development in the community, including amenities, home type, roadways and servicing and park dedication.

Feasibility Study and Analysis

  • Conducted a feasibility study to assess the viability of the proposed residential development.
  • Performed a slope analysis to determine suitable locations for residential development within the project area.

Zoning and Land Use Planning

  • Reviewed the existing zoning regulations and future community plans.
  • Developed a new land use plan for the project sites based on the review.
  • Collaborated with design technologists to prepare a site plan, road design, and assess servicing requirements.

Rezoning and OCP Amendment

  • Recognized the need for rezoning to align with the future land use plan.
  • Developed a comprehensive development zone proposal for submission to the Municipality.
  • Prepared rezoning and Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment applications.


Pre-application Meeting

  • Initiated discussions with the Municipality to schedule a pre-application meeting.
  • Engaged with Municipality staff to gather feedback on proposed zoning, conceptual plans, and development permit requirements.
  • Used staff feedback to finalize applications and site plans.

Application Management

  • After the pre-application meeting, managed the development permit (DP) application process.
  • Hired various subconsultants, including a Geotechnical firm, Surveyor for topographic survey, environmentalist firm for an Environmental Assessment (EA) report, and a wildfire expert for a Wildfire DP report.

Ongoing Project Management

As this a staged development project, ongoing consultation, technical consultation and development management services will be provided over the next 5-10 years as the project progresses.

Acting as the main liaison between the developer and the Municipality, we will continue facilitating negotiations and working to create solutions for the future development of the community.

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