Residential Bare Land Strata Subdivision –
West Kelowna

Our firm was entrusted with a unique project:
Collaborating with a private homeowner to transform an oversized lot in West Kelowna into a thoughtfully planned residential subdivision. While the potential for development was evident, the challenge lay in harnessing that potential effectively.

Conceptual Design Planning
We embarked on this journey by working closely with the homeowners, who had a vision for the lot layout. Our role was to refine and enhance this vision. We facilitated design review meetings and conducted site visits to ensure that the new layout made the best use of the land while considering its sloping nature.

Engineering Assessment
To ensure the homeowners were well-informed about the associated costs, our civil designer conducted a thorough engineering cost estimate. This estimate provided clarity on the investment needed for engineering requirements and necessary upgrades.

Pre-Application Meeting
With a design concept in place, we initiated a pre-application meeting with the City of West Kelowna and the homeowners. This proactive step allowed us to gather valuable feedback before proceeding with the formal subdivision application. It was a crucial phase for refining our plans.

Subdivision Application and Review
Once the homeowners finalized the lot layout based on the feedback received, we meticulously prepared the subdivision application. This comprehensive document was submitted to the City of West Kelowna for their review and approval.

Progress and Ongoing Tasks
Eight weeks after submission, the City issued a Preliminary Layout Review (PLR). However, our work was far from complete. We continued our efforts, including hiring subconsultants for specialized tasks, facilitating ongoing discussions with the City, and ensuring that every aspect of the project remained on schedule and within the budget.

In essence, what began as a visionary idea for an oversized lot evolved into a meticulously planned residential bare land strata subdivision. Our commitment to collaboration, design excellence, and effective project management has been key to ensuring this development’s success. Transforming ideas into reality while keeping our clients well-informed and projects on track is what we love. If you have a property and are looking for a partner to collaborate and expert to lead the process, get in touch with our team today.

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