Land Consultation and Application Management –
ALR Lands

Aspen Lands Advisory has worked closely with the owners of an 1800-acre parcel situated in the ALR. The owners of these parcels began the process with our consultant to apply for subdivision and development of their lands, to include required roadways through the property, in order to achieve the highest and best use of the property. The goal to achieve a few hundred acres of orchards on the property, which is in line with the ALR regulations for agricultural use, and allows the land to be used for the benefit of the owners and also allows for economic development and growth in our region.

Several steps were taken such as:

  • Assessing the ability to irrigate the lands to grow the crops including water source and licensing;
  • Creation of site plans and roadways;
  • Facilitating the application process through the ALC portal;
  • Providing Rationale and information to other government agencies involved;
  • Project management of the file, working as the main liaison between the different levels of government, and the ALC planners;
  • Creating requests for proposals for hiring of sub consultants, such as environmental, geotechnical, and surveyors, as well as archeological assessment.
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