Columbia Mills, Nakusp –
Rezoning and Planning for Proposed 12 lot Subdivision

Project Overview
Aspen Lands Advisory is assisting with the rezoning of “Columbia Mills” in Nakusp, aiming to create a 12-lot subdivision. This project aligns with the town’s Official Community Plan (OCP), and the property is centrally located.

Phased Subdivision Plan
We initiated a pre-application meeting to discuss our redevelopment vision with municipal staff and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). After addressing their concerns, we decided on a phased subdivision plan. This approach allows the owner to profit from the initial three lots, funding further infrastructure and road development on the remaining land.

Rezoning and Preliminary Layout Review
In early 2023, rezoning was approved, and we received a Preliminary Layout Review letter for the subdivision. We’re now planning the next phases of development, with Aspen Lands as the development manager and primary liaison with municipal staff.

Community Benefits
Our approach aims to benefit both the land and the community. The new R-1 zoning will enable affordable infill housing and up to 9 additional lots, accommodating additional dwellings like carriage houses. This could potentially create up to 18 more residential units on the property.

Project Process Highlights

  1. Advising the owner during the due diligence phase to ensure redevelopment feasibility.
  2. Facilitating discussions with Nakusp Village CAO and staff to gain support for redevelopment.
  3. Issuing RFPs and hiring sub-consultants for property assessments, including Geotechnical and Environmental.
  4. Submitting documentation to the Ministry of Environment.
  5. Collaborating with our affiliate Civil Engineering firm to create base plans, conceptual site plans, and engineering servicing design.
  6. Engaging in meetings with Nakusp Village staff to discuss proposed concept site plans.
  7. Notifying the public and sharing development plans.

Ongoing Support
The project is ongoing, and our team continues to consult and provide development management and support to the developer as we progress through the next stages of applications for subdivision, development and building permitting.

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